Our Sheep...

The Valais Blacknose was first imported to the UK from the canton of Valais in Schwitzerland in 2014 – and we believe our VB’s were the first to arrive here on The Isle of Wight in September 2016.

in addition to their fabulous looks they also have a wonderfully placid and friendly temperament. They are big sheep with big horns and big shaggy coats – but their placid natures makes for very easy handling. They have quick growing fleeces and needs shearing twice a year. A distinctive feature is the black markings on face,nose, eyes and ears – as well as on knees, hocks and feet.They are considered a dual purpose sheep in their homeland – and although believed to go back to the 15th century has only been recognized as a separate breed since 1962.

The Southdown Baby Doll is in contrast a small breed of sheep, and naturally polled. Adult size is between 18-24″ at the shoulders. They have sweet, smiley faces and friendly natures and are often kept as pets.

Being small in stature they require less acreage pr.animal and comes in handy as lawn mowers and weed eaters. They produce good quality wool and comes in two colours, Off-white and Black ( brown/chocolate). Todays wonderful type of Baby Dolls goes back to 1780.

All our Babydolls are registered with NABSSAR: North American Babydoll Southdown Sheep Association and Registry